Meet the coach

Cycling and Triathlon
Murray Healey

Current Bike:
BH Ultralite
BH RX Team
Pivot 429SL Carbon
Favourite Ride:
Any ride when it’s sunny.

Don’t you just love being fit and in control? It's something I strive for both on the bike and in life itself. Back in 1976, I rode my first club race in Levin, New Zealand. I remember my blue ZUES 5 speed bike being the best bike in the world. It also felt the biggest, as I could only just reach the pedals! From that day on, there haven't been too many times that my bikes have collected dust. Racing nationally, on the road and track and internationally in Triathlon, I was coached by some of the best that taught me the basis of what I know today.

Recently I found an old program, written for me, dating back to 1980. Yes, we have technology guiding us in some ways now but the nuts and bolts of this old program are similar to what you see today. My cycling days, to more recent triathlon and multisport days, have all been on a learning curve. Racing internationally and nationally has helped me gain the knowledge I like to share now.

I started coaching in 1995 and by 1997, I was coaching full-time. This is when I first started running indoor sessions at the local bike shop and gathering years of knowledge and experience running these sessions. During this time I continued coaching as well as opening a cycle shop. In 2007 the Olympic dream pulled me away from the cycle industry back into coaching. Coaching an athlete with Olympic and world title aspirations saw me traveling and living the dream. In 2008 I traveled as a supporting coach to the Beijing Olympics and witnessed the pinnacle of sporting desire. It was when I returned I came up with the idea to take my indoor sessions to the World… Enter JetBlack Cycling.

My passion behind this APP comes from coaching. Within the APP you will find all the coaching tools you will need to achieve your goals. Not only the coached sessions but the monitoring aspects of the App is what I use every day in coaching Athletes. Daily metrics to the all-important Recovery times and personal training zones.

My coaching experience tells me not everyone reacts to the same type of training and has the same lifestyle but everyone benefits from monitoring what you do and how your body reacts. I love going out and absolutely hammering myself in training and racing and I can do this often with good results due watching my how my body reacts.

My goal for the JetBlack Coaching APP is keeping our ideas and approach to coaching fresh to help deliver sessions designed just for you. Helping you not only achieve your potential but enjoy yourself along the way.

Today I find myself more passionate about endurance sports and coaching. I don’t think I’ve ever lost the drive to deliver results to myself or others. The great thing about coaching is you never stop learning. Motivating comes from within but knowledge comes from time and experience.

Happy training.

Technique is everything….always look good!!
Murray Healey

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Coaching Highlights:

- New Zealand Elite Junior triathlon coach 1997 - 1998
- High-performance coach for Tri NZ 2005 to 2008
- Coaching an Athlete to 3rd place at World Elite Champs 2007
- Coach of the Year 2007, (Northland)
- Coach to an Olympic athlete, Beijing 2008. (Traveled as a supporting coach to games)
- Coach to an age group World Champion
- Coach of 12 National titles