JetBlack Coaching APP Installation

Step 1: Install APP

  1. Download and install the JetBlack Coaching APP
    for iOS and Android.
  2. Follow instructions for JetBlack users, Enter code
  3. Go to settings and enter Rider and Equipment details
  4. In Settings set up 3rd party sites to share with
  5. This is a good time to set up desired Music playlist
  6. Go to our Zone Calculator and Enter last FTP data
    and save as Fitness test. If you do not know this
    Download the Fitness test and do as soon as
    possible. Results will automatically be saved.

Tip from the App designer

This App was designed from a coaching point of view.
Check out the fitness features and monitoring aspects.
Get to know the App before you kick off.


Step 2: Connect

  1. Sensor detection: Jump on your bike and start pedaling to activate sensors. Go to Settings, Sensors, find sensors, Tap, Go back one page and tap to connect.
  2. Undergo calibration if asked
  3. Go back to home page

Tip from the developer.

Only one BLE device can be detected at any time. If you require 2 sensor detections, you will need BLE and support of ANT+.



Step 3: Start Training

  1. Make sure you are connected
  2. We suggest you undertake the fitness test to train Smart and get the best from the APP.
  3. Select a Session from our library or Ride the World, Erg, Resistance modes and make your own custom session
  4. Save and share your session

Tip from the coach
Training smart is the proven best way to gain fitness fast and effectively. Monitoring your body and effects of training is sometimes overlooked by athletes, Use our fitness tab, recovery tests to monitor your progress, not everyone is the same. We all get adaption from different forms of training. Find what type of session gives you the best return for your time.